Get Rid Of Outdated Technology!

Are you using outdated technology? offers the latest computer, laptop, tablet, iPad and Mac models with our rentals! Get the newest technology available on today’s market with the latest software, including the brand new Windows 10 operating system!

If you’re at a conference, convention, trade show, business meeting or training seminar then you need the best . . . → Read More: Get Rid Of Outdated Technology!

Think You Were Getting Microsoft’s Surface Mini? Think Again

We’ve all known Microsoft to be a relatively huge powerhouse in terms of technology. They’ve always had a big stand on top. After all, Bill Gates was the richest man in the world for quite some time. That says something. Recently, we’ve seen the tides somewhat change however. People don’t really use PC’s anymore. They’ve traded . . . → Read More: Think You Were Getting Microsoft’s Surface Mini? Think Again

Computer Rentals for Vacation

As Spring rapidly approaches, many have already planned their spring break vacations to a beach or some sort of family destination site. This raises the questions, “Do you have a project that must be completed by the time you return?” Or a paper due on your return? Then you should know that you have the ability . . . → Read More: Computer Rentals for Vacation

Laptop Rental Classifications

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between the different classifications of laptops. For instance, what is the difference between notebooks and laptops? Essentially there is no difference, often times the two words are interchangable. However, for the sake of making a distinctions, some would argue that the size and computing power associated with . . . → Read More: Laptop Rental Classifications

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