‘Car Mode’ Concept for iPhone Helps Stop Texting While Driving

Have you ever been on a super long drive, ran out of music to listen to and had your passengers fall asleep on you? It gets boring really fast. Generally this leads to one of the worst and most dangerous ideas you could ever have: texting while driving.

Because of this common problem, New York designer Joey . . . → Read More: ‘Car Mode’ Concept for iPhone Helps Stop Texting While Driving

What is “Dash”?

Ever heard of an app for your car? Well that’s what “Dash” is. The founders of Dash, Jamyn Edis and Brian Langel, have been working on this revolutionary application for about 15 months now with a small development team.

Dash has a small plug-in that is like a key to plug into your car directly. The software . . . → Read More: What is “Dash”?

Protecting Your Messaging Privacy

Who’s looking over your shoulder?

I don’t know about you, but I feel agitated about the government having free reign to spy on nearly everything I do, including my phone and text messages. Whether it is personal or business, it is my messaging.  I would think some businesses and corporations would be especially alert to . . . → Read More: Protecting Your Messaging Privacy

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