Rent a 2000 Lumen Projector

The 2000 lumen projector is the most commonly rented projector in the industry. What is a lumen? Lumens are the SI (international standard) measurement used to measure the amount of visible light that is emitted by the projector.  When looking for a projector rental, you will need to know the amount of lumens you will require. . . . → Read More: Rent a 2000 Lumen Projector

The Tech Travel Agent Network

Tech Travel Agents have several affiliates that belong to the Tech Travel Agent Network. What is the Tech Travel Agent Network? It’s a network of specialized rental partners that utilize Tech Travel Agents to consult with customers and manage the rental process of their specific products. Because the Tech Travel Agent name is a composition of . . . → Read More: The Tech Travel Agent Network

Book an iPad Rental with a Tech Travel Agent

The iPad is a truly great device for keeping track of many things while on the go. It combines all the greatest features of your mobile phone, mp3 player, and laptop and puts them into the sleek design of a tablet PC. With iPad Rentals, you can browse the internet through Safari, view your email, look . . . → Read More: Book an iPad Rental with a Tech Travel Agent

Renting a Projector

Projectors can be very expensive, especially higher end brands and products. Such expenses can be difficult to justify when they are used only for the occasional business meeting or presentation, and projector rentals are an easy and cost efficient solution for temporary needs.

Tech Travel Agents offer full lines of Projector Rentals. Everything from LCD and DLP . . . → Read More: Renting a Projector

Laptop Rental Classifications

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between the different classifications of laptops. For instance, what is the difference between notebooks and laptops? Essentially there is no difference, often times the two words are interchangable. However, for the sake of making a distinctions, some would argue that the size and computing power associated with . . . → Read More: Laptop Rental Classifications

Interactive Kiosk Rentals

Kiosk rentals are especially ideal for conferences and trade shows where the need for self-service technology is temporary. Other popular uses include gaming, surveying, marketing, registrations, ticket sales, internet access points and contact information collection points. With several models, styles and colors to choose from, a Tech Travel Agents can assist you in tailoring a kiosk . . . → Read More: Interactive Kiosk Rentals

Projector Screen Rentals

Whether for a business presentation of for other personal uses, projector screen rentals and screen accessories can enhance any presentation. These rentals come handy especially for those who own their own projector but don’t own a screen (usually because people rely on a blank, white wall as their screen). Or perhaps they own a screen, but . . . → Read More: Projector Screen Rentals

Rent Office Equipment

In this uncertain economy, businesses are keeping a closer eye on their budgets, which means that even the purchase of basic office equipment is becoming less common. If you are looking to cut costs but still stay competitive, temporary office equipment rentals can sometimes be the smartest option. There are several benefits to getting equipment like . . . → Read More: Rent Office Equipment

PA and Sound System Rentals

Sound systems are in most cases the kind of technology that is best suited for renting. The fact is that most events do not occur often enough to justify the purchase of an entire audio system, whereas events that utilize them the most, such as conferences, conventions, or trade shows usually occur annually. For these kinds . . . → Read More: PA and Sound System Rentals

Netbook and Ultraportable Laptop Rentals

Netbooks are a smaller class of laptop computers. They are sometimes referred to as mini laptops, notebooks, subnotebooks or ultraportable laptops. They are perfect for highly transient circumstances and on-the-go situations like business travel, meetings, conferences, trade shows, and lectures, where portability is a necessity. Netbooks come in a variety of sizes, usually ranging from 7 . . . → Read More: Netbook and Ultraportable Laptop Rentals

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