Production & Shipping Delay Solutions Amid Crisis in China

Shipping delays in China

Has your business been affected by the temporary shut down of many corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores across China? Those affected include Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Tesla, Google products, and more. If you were expecting a delivery from these or other companies based in China, you could be waiting a lot longer than a typical delivery. Experts are warning that some companies are underestimating the impact of production delays amid the crisis in China.

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Because many products are manufactured in China or use Chinese vendors, experts are warning customers to expect shortages for smartphones, VR headsets, and other tech produced by Foxconn, Pegatron, and other manufacturing facilities based in Asia. Several electronics companies have been informed it could take up to three times as long for PCs and parts to be delivered to the United States.

Let’s expand on some of the products and shows that were canceled, and talk about temporary solutions to production delays–while you’re waiting for your products to arrive.

Production Shortages and Launch Delays


  • Zhengzhou, aka “iPhone city”–where the bulk of iPhones are made, re-opened late February but with only 10% of its workforce. Earlier this month the company announced they had only just started night shift production to roll out iPhones. Though factories are reopening, production is cited to be “ramping up more slowly than anticipated”.
  • The tech giant has been forced to seek alternative suppliers after suppliers in Wuhan closed.


  • Facebook stopped taking new orders for the Oculus Quest VR–the headset which has been on backorder since the holiday season will be pushed back until late March.


  • Asus has also warned its customers that there will be a shortage of their niche gaming smartphone the ROG Phone II.

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Other brands

  • Other brands expected to see delays rely on components from Hubei, like Lenovo and Huawei.
  • Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer, said production wouldn’t be back to normal levels until the end of March.

Affected Events

Tech companies and gaming developers alike are limiting their travel. After multiple tech companies either partially or fully pulled out of Mobile World Congress (MWC)–including Sony, Amazon, Nvidia, LG Electronics, ZTE, and Ericsson–the show was canceled by the GSM Association which organizes MWC.

Playstation, Oculus and Facebook Gaming all missed out on the Game Developers Conference (GDC), and even Sony skipped PAX East. Huawei had a developers conference scheduled in February that has been postponed until at least the end of March. Similarly, Blizzard announced that Overwatch League matches in February and March have been canceled and PUBG’s global qualifier event in Berlin has been postponed until further notice. Facebook has also canceled its March marketing summit and F8 developer conference.

By now almost all events big and small across the planet have been canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Unless you work very closely with component suppliers, like Apple or Samsung–and were able to pay upfront–you could potentially be seeing a long delay for any PCs and parts to be delivered. IPC, an association of electronics companies, said to expect a three-week delay in shipments on average.

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