The FAA Might start Banning Laptops from Airline Cabins

Several months back now, laptops were banned from flights going to the US departing from several airports in eight countries (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, and Kuwait). That laptop ban was lifted back in July, but concern about laptops being dangerous on airplanes has far from vanished.
A laptop in an airplane cabin

The fear of flying laptops has been renewed just last month, as the FAA found that the lithium-ion batteries used in most laptops could potentially blow up planes if they were to overheat in close proximity to other flammable products, such as aerosol cans, polish remover, hand sanitizer, and rubbing alcohol. So, how could these laptops overheat in the first place, and what is the FAA recommending to be done with this new information?

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