Social Media Tips for Event Planning Professionals

The field of event planning is competitive, and most event planners use social media to bolster their events. That means if you want to keep up in the event planning market, you need a plan for social media usage. You can start off by identifying what resources you have available, i.e. company Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

Once you’ve established what you have at your disposal, read through these nine tips on how to use social media before, during, and after your events:

1. Gather data from previous events such as target group demographics and competitor analysis. Looking at this data will give you the information needed to form ideas that will help you form your own social media campaign.

2. Release hashtag information for your event at least six months in advance. Content about your upcoming event, images, and info from previous events will all help gain attention and publicity for your event. When publishing content about your upcoming event, be sure to include information regarding deadlines, speakers, receptions, and include recaps on information from events from the previous year. It is vital that while you are doing all of this, that you are posting at regular weekly rates. The more new content you create the better. Once your event is over, plan a contest that involves a prize for your social media audience in which the best social interactor gets rewarded once the event is over. This will give your audience a great incentive to get involved through social media, and further help your event and social media campaign.

3. At least two weeks before your event,  your event speakers can really help you promote. If there is video available, include a video with the keynote speaker and or other speakers. If you want to maximize the amount of publicity gained from your speakers, you can encourage your event speakers to use their own social media accounts to promote the event.

4. Postings should include countdowns to the event with hashtags. If any attendees are posting and tweeting, make sure to acknowledge them with either a direct message or retweet/share.

5. During the event, assign one person to stay on top of posts and respond to comments, compliments and complaints. The quicker the responses, the better. If you help your attendees, speakers, and exhibitors quickly on social media, they are often very thankful.

6. Get a video wall rental or a floor-standing, large screen display rental. These two rentals can provide a great way to display every great photo, tweet, and post relating to your event from your attendees.

7. At the beginning of your conference, remind your attendees to post on social media using your hashtags, and remind them of the contest which will give the best social media interactor the prize at the end of the event.

8. After the event, follow up and thank everyone who made posts on social media relating to your event. Even something as simple as a post saying “Glad you attended #EventName, hope you had a great time!”, shows that you care about your attendees and their involvement.

9. Award the best social media interactor with a small gift six months, or some other significant duration of time, after the event. Be sure to socialize this interaction as well!

The majority of these suggestions will all go a long way to improving the “quality of life” of your events. These tips are designed to help increase your attendee interaction and satisfaction. Hopefully these tips have helped you plan your next event’s social media campaign!

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