The New Dell XPS 13 Gold Edition

In the ever-connected world that we live in today, business people need their tech to keep up with and power through the constant scenarios being thrown at them. This means that business executives and lower-level employees alike need a functional, sleek device that impresses with both performance and appearance.


For people of business, there is simply too much on the line to utilize any tech but the very best. A missed email, system error, or even a misplaced document could result in a huge loss. For these reasons, it is obvious why the laptop is the most important tool of the trade for any business person.

Performance is the most important factor to look at when getting a finding a computing device. If the 2016 model of the Dell XPS 13 is going to keep up with last year’s multi-awarded XPS 13, you can bet that this device boasts some very impressive specs.

The 2016 XPS 13 features the sixth-gen Intel Core ‘Skylake’ processor with Intel Iris GPU and is available in a plethora of storage and memory configurations. When you’re on the go you’ll be pleased to know that your XPS is optimized for power management, even when its HD 530 Iris graphics card is being fully utilized.

In addition to this laptop’s impressive processing power, the XPS 13 features one of the best displays on the market, an UltraSharp QHD+ touch display. This display design remains unmatched by any other Windows laptop. The build of the device itself is also ultraslim, as the XPS 13 manages to be even smaller than the MacBook Air.

And last but not least, one can’t mention the XPS 13 without noticing the color design. This stylish ultrabook packs a gold-colored aluminum shell that’s sure to make a statement in individuality. The XPS 13’s golden finish is complimented by a carbon-fiber deck and a brushed-aluminum lid and base.

When upgrading to this year’s latest and greatest tech the Dell XPS 13 Gold Edition is hard to say no to. The XPS 13 displays a masterful combination of both style and functionality, and would make a fine addition to any business meeting or convention. If you want you to show off the best tech at your next meeting or event, get a laptop rental from us today!

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