Get Rid Of Outdated Technology!

Are you using outdated technology? offers the latest computer, laptop, tablet, iPad and Mac models with our rentals! Get the newest technology available on today’s market with the latest software, including the brand new Windows 10 operating system!

If you’re at a conference, convention, trade show, business meeting or training seminar then you need the best technology possible! Using outdated equipment will definitely set you back and doesn’t make a very good impression.

Get a Quote on a Smartphone Rental for Your Event from Rentacomputer!

If you’re in the market for a temporary technology solution and you’re looking to get the latest and greatest computers, monitors, laptops, iPads, tablets, Macs, or projectors that the industry has to offer than is here to help!

Our Tech Travel Agents are your single point of contact for your entire rental experience, offering customer support along with local delivery and installation of your computer, iPad, laptop, Mac, tablet, or projector rental!

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