One More Reason to Rent iPads and iPhones

Apple dazzled us in 2014 with their latest iPhones, iPads, and rumors of the iWatch. It’s 2015 and Apple is already one of the most highly valued tech companies on the planet, but analysts predict their stock could potentially double from here if they continue to be so innovative.


But what can we potentially expect from Apple in 2015?

  • IBMApple hinted at a partnership with IBM in 2015. This could boost things like direct sales, integration, and even custom applications.
  • A Huge iPad (Plus?) will be slated for 2015, but it won’t be geared towards consumers.
  • The iPhone 7 (mini and plus?)
  • HomeKit will receive developments, further bridging the gap between smarthomes and homes of today.
  • Apple will take a step to becoming one of the most important tech companies in healthcare as HealthKit progresses.
  • Beats_Electronics_logo.svgBeats will transition into a key component in Apple’s music strategy.
  • And, of course, Apple will have a few surprises for us in store.


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Apple is constantly thinking of new features for their products, and we consumers are constantly thinking of new ways to use them. For example, this video using iPhones and iPads in real-time.

One More Reason to Rent iPads and iPhones… to make your music video using (14) iPads and iPhones! Actually I just wanted to share this video because I thought it was quite inventive and unique. If we all could be this creative with our media.

SEE ALSO: How To Use iPad Rentals To Engage Your Audience With Efficiency

You can make your own animated movie featuring the latest iPad technology.

The iPad Air only weighs a single pound and the iPad Mini has a smaller 7.9 inch display. These devices give the user the complete iPad experience, but it comes to them on a more mobile and manageable device.

ipad air 2 black

Both the iPad Mini and the iPad Air offer the state of the art Retina Display and advanced wireless capabilities (twice the Wi-Fi performance) via two antennas and MIMO technology.


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