Gmail Just Got A Lot Better With Google’s New App

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If you are using the Gmail app, you probably have a really hard time sorting through everything and keeping on top of your emails while you are on the go. Google has decided to help you out with sorting through your emails and staying organized with a new app called Inbox.

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The Basics

The app was designed by the Gmail team and it is supposed to work together with the existing Gmail app. It puts certain types of emails together for better organization and automatically highlights important information. This is basically a result of trying to compete with other companies like Apple and Dropbox who have release similar apps or product updates that help you keep this type of organization wile using their products. It is however safe to say that more people will benefit from this app, because basically everyone uses Gmail.

Assists & Bundles

There is a feature with the new app called Assists that integrates real time updates from the internet directly to your email. Like lets say you book a flight, and you get the itinerary sent to your email. It will highlight the original itinerary and also give you real time status updates on that flight. Pretty cool! The other big feature is the Bundles option which will automatically group similar messages like receipts. Since they are all grouped together, you can swipe them all away at the same time instead of spending a half hour doing it, or being lazy and letting them clutter up your inbox. You also have the option of setting up custom message bundles.


Another cool thing is that you will be able to see phone numbers, flight statuses, images and other attachments before you even open the email. They will appear in the same way that you are able to see the subject of the email before you open it up. You can also set up custom reminders and hit the snooze button on certain messages so that they show up at a later time, OR you can set it up to where you only get them when you are in a specific location.

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Get It Today

This app isn’t only available to Android users, if you have an iPhone you can get the new app as well. It can also be used on the web. If you plan on using it on the web though, let it be known that you will only be able to use it with Google’s Chrome browser.

gmail inbox2Right now, the app is available by invite only. If you are interested in trying it out you can email and request an invite.

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