Apple’s iPad Event Shows Off Their Newest Tablets, But Is It Anything To Take Notice Of?

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Apple’s latest iPad event finally arrived and they, once again, did their thing. With the recent release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is surely riding off of the hype of those releases. This year’s event saw the release of the new (and much thinner) iPad Air 2 and the new iPad Mini 3. There were some mixed signals though at this years event. There are a few different reasons that could some could come up with as to why this might be the case. Some feel that the new tablets are a welcome addition to the Apple family while other believe Apple to just be trudging along with themselves.

The iPad Air 2

ipad air 2What’s better than a thin iPad Air? What about an even THINNER iPad Air? That’s right. The iPad Air 2 is actually 18% thinner than its predecessor. It’s, in fact, thinner than a pencil. Now don’t think that it’s just about about how thin it is. The new tablet is running the same processing chip as the new iPhone 6 models; the A8X chip. It’s also working with the new Apple Touch ID fingerprint scanner (hopefully they got all the bugs out this time). Both the front-facing and the rear-facing cameras have been upgraded this time around as well. The rear camera sits at a cool 8MP and is capable of recording 1080P video footage, as well as time lapse shots. The front camera works with 1.2MP. The starting price for this new Air will be starting at $499 today.

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The iPad Mini 3

ipad mini 3

The new iPad Mini didn’t see as much of an upgrade as one would hope unfortunately. The only real changes made have been to the camera. The rear camera now works with 5MP and the front camera utilizes Apple’s Burst Mode. The new Mini 3 also works with Apple Touch ID, just like the Air 2 and the new iPhones. Two of the main components to the tablet haven’t been changed from last years models though. Both the processor and display’s are exactly the same specs at the 2 models. The Mini 3 still works with the same A7 and M7 processors as the Mini 2 did. Other than that, you’ll be able to get them in different colors. The storage upgrades each range in price through $100 increments. The starting price for the new Mini 3 will be $399.

Is Apple Getting Lazy?

If we’re being honest with ourselves, it might seem that Apple is getting a bit… lazy with their technology. Instead of enhancing processors for the new Mini 3, they just stuck the old processors in. After that the updated the camera and slapped a new paint job on it and stuck a $400 price tag on it as well. This isn’t to say that Apple still isn’t an excellent tech company, or that they’re not on top of the world. The only problem is that they can’t expect to put the same type of technology along with an upgraded camera and call it “new”. People will still buy it, but I wouldn’t expect people to be necessarily pleased with this. Apple needs to look more towards functionality rather than “Lets so how quickly we can rehash and recycle our technology and call it ‘new'”. It seems as if they’re focusing too much on aesthetic design rather than functional design, and if they don’t change it soon, then customers might start to show reflections of that.

Let me just say that I’m a huge Apple fan. I don’t own a tablet myself, but I’ve seen just what they can do and they’re very impressive. Lets just hope that Apple starts giving us a bit more bang for our buck instead of giving us a better camera and some paint with our “new” tablets.

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