Samsung Is Working On Wi-Fi That Is Faster Than You Even Thought Possible

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Hold up. You thought you already had fast Wi-Fi? Well Samsung just decided to take things to a whole new level. They said that they are working on Wi-Fi that is five times faster than even the maximum speeds that are available right now. Let that sink in for a moment.Samsung is building 6GHz Wi-Fi technology right now as we speak. That would mean that data transmissions would be sped up to 4.6 gigabits per second, or 575MB per second. They made the announcement on Monday during a press release. If they are able to make this happen, that would mean that you could transfer a 1GB file from one device to another in less than three seconds. For everyone who does a lot of downloading, you already know how long it can take to download something that is 1GB on a bad day.

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samsung wifi textIf everything goes according to plan, Samsung plans on putting this technology out and commercializing it by next year. The whole marketing plan behind it is focusing on the fact that it will be almost instant when you’re using smart home and Internet of Things devices and switching things around between them. Up until now, it has been pretty impossible to make 60GHz Wi-Fi a real thing because of the fact that the signal has had trouble passing through walls and other things. But now it seems like developers have found out how to make that issue go away by building new antennas and other new methods of optimizing communications devices.
This would really be life changing for many professionals and every day users in general. People in graphic design and audio production would benefit greatly from this.
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