Between Banana Shaped iPhone 6s And The Phone-Bricking iOS 8.0.1 Update, Apple Is In Hot Water With Customers

Apple’s iPhone customers are super angry right now, like Hulk smash angry, and it has nothing to do with the iPhone 6 Plus becoming banana shaped in their pockets. No this anger stems from the recent iOS 8.0.1 debacle that occurred after the company released its first update for iOS 8. This new version of Apple’s operating system was launched simultaneously with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

monkey banana


Dillinger was an American gangster and bank robber in the Depression-era United States

An iPhone user known only as ‘Dillinger‘ (pictured to the right (?)) had this to say about the update, “In my 25 years of using Apple products I have never experienced such a complete lack of attention to detail from them (Apple).” Dillinger’s message was only one of several hundred messages that were logged on one of Apple’s support discussion threads.

The iOS 8.0.1 update had unforeseen and unintended consequences when it was released. The update ended up crippling the new iPhones by preventing them from connecting to their carrier’s cellular networks. It didn’t take long for Apple to pull the update form its servers, which the company did so in less than 90 minutes. Unfortunately for Apple, that 90 minute window was too long for a large majority of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users.

One user, christian0415, wrote, “This is so ridiculous. I will never buy another Apple product.” User andyfromcordova added, “My shiny new iPhone 6 was essentially turned into a very expensive i[Pod] Touch today. Apple FAILED today. Miserably.” “The most egregious part of this is the fact that Apple clearly hasn’t tested any of this!” cried users Jonquillo. “What are they doing down in Cupertino? Casing in their stock options?”

Apple advised users that had no cell service to revert their iPhones back to iOS 8.0, providing the restoration files to do so. This goes to show you just how bad this fiasco is considering Apple usually makes it impossible for iPhone users to revert back to an older version of iOS after an update has been released and installed.

A plethora of users have noted on Apple’s discussion threads that they have successfully restored service to their iPhones using this technique. However, that wasn’t enough for other users. Some users wanted compensation from Apple for their troubles while others wanted a more explicit apology from Apple and, specifically, from its CEO Tim Cook. “Surely this merits one of those apology letters Apple did with the new Maps at the very least,” said Otis Taylor.

User rickwla1 added, “It not only merits a letter of apology but it merits Tim Cook to put up a video message on the home page of both apologizing and promising to do right by us. I’ve suggested to Apple Support that that ‘do right’ should be free Apple Care for all who installed 8.0.1. This is a major problem to not have phon service for going on 7 hours now and no estimate of how much longer it will take to fix. With Steve Jobs, heads would have rolled.”

The mention of Jobs brings up memories of past problems by Apple, which includes 2010’s “Antennagate” and 2008’s bumbled launch of MobileMe, which was the precursor to iCloud. Apple published a support document about the problem, though it doesn’t offer a timetable for the release of iOS 8.0.2, which is the replacement to iOS 8.0.1. The only thing Apple said was that it would be ready “in the next few days”.

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