Apple’s New Headquarters Plans On Being World’s Greenest

Environmental friendliness is at the forefront of today’s hot topics, so much so that I literally just watched a video of actor Leonardo DiCaprio speaking about climate change to the U.N. Tech companies are among some of the pioneers of making this planet a greener place with a lot of the big name corporations doing what they can to stay green.


CEO of Apple Tim Cook recently offered up a rather ambitious goal of making the Cupertino giant’s newest headquarters the most environmentally friendly building in the world. “We’re building a new headquarters that I think will be the greenest building on the planet,” Cook stated during the Climate Week NYC conference. “It’ll be a center for innovation, and it’s something clearly our employees want and we want.”

The building itself, which somewhat resembles a U.F.O., is currently under construction in Cupertino, California and is expected to be completed in 2016. Upon completion, the building will encompass 2.8 million square feet and be in the shape of a doughnut.

In addition to that, Apple stated that the complex will be 80% landscape with over 7,000 trees. Parking lots will be buried underground and the campus will include one of the largest onsite corporate solar energy installation in the world. The facility will also be able to accommodate over 14,000 employees, which is over five times the number that Apple’s current Cupertino headquarters can handle.

The new headquarters is a prime example of what Apple is attempting to do to fight global climate change. At the conference, Cook revealed that his company will focus on making its supply chain greener as well. Back in 2012, Apple faced some criticism after The New York Times published a series of Apple’s Chinese suppliers, which brought to light questionable labor and environmental practices. Since then Apple has worked to improve those conditions.

Cook noted that this new environmental effort to make the company’s supply chain greener is “dirty” and “detailed” work but reinforced the company’s commitment to making improvements. “We know that we will not make enough of a difference if we only solve our little piece of the world,” Cook added. “We need to be one of the pebbles in the pond that creates the ripple.”

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The Climate Week NYC conference brought thousands of people to the city to discuss the growing issues of climate change. In addition to Leonardo DiCaprio other famous celebrities, including Sting and Mark Ruffalo, were also on hand to show their support and work towards solutions to global climate change.

Apple is just one of many companies that is pushing for greener technology. Most companies are focusing their environmental efforts on their actual products. Most companies are coming out with products that use less energy and that are built with components that are more easily recyclable. Apple may be the first company to switch the green focus into the actual building it uses so Apple’s new headquarters may be not only the world’s greenest headquarters but also the first.

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