Could The New iPad Line Kill Off The Kindle?

Reports say that Apple’s latest batch of iPads are currently in production. They also say that these new iPads could have a new anti-glare display that makes them the ideal choice for reading outside. It looks like these might be dark days for the Kindle.

The report comes from Bloomberg. They say that the new 9.7 inch iPad which is believed by many to be the next installment of the iPad Air, and the 7.9 inch iPad Mini have already reached the manufacturing process. They also said that the bigger one is going to come out around late summer time or early in the fall. The iPad Mini is said to be hitting stores by the end of this year, just in time for the holidays.

Up until now, the next iPad Air kind of sounded like a big joke. All of the leaked photos and news that has hit the internet really hasn’t show any type of evolution from the original. According to Bloomberg, it might be taking the one thing that the Kindle had going for it and using it for itself.

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There are also some rumors that the new iPad Air is going to have a brand new A8 processor which will speed it up quite a bit. It will also probably have a nice 8-MP camera and a touch ID fingerprint scanner. It would be silly if it didn’t have the fingerprint scanner, considering that was one of the most hyped things about the iPhone 5s. Along with the news of these two new iPads that could be coming out, there is also a lot of new floating around about a huge new iPad with a 12.9 inch display that will be geared toward the business end of things.


It was already looking like a very busy year for Apple, but if all of these rumors are true, it is going to be the biggest year for Apple in their entire history. On top of all of the iPad stuff, let us not forget about the hugely anticipated release of the iPhone 6 which is supposedly being revealed on September 9th along with the long awaited iWatch.

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