HTC Is Bringing 64-Bit Computing To Android

Apple was the first company to ever have a smartphone with 64-bit computing. After that, they pretty much left every other smartphone company way behind. HTC has always been a company that is known for introducing new technology into their smartphones and finding ways to stay ahead. They put out the first commercial smartphone with a 1080p screen, and they were also the first company to ever ship a retail Android phone in general. They may not have been the first company to put out a 64-bit smartphone, but they are about to be the first to bring us a 64-bit Android smartphone.

Modern has reported that HTC will be using the 64-bit Snapdragon 615 from Qualcomm as their new chipset. It will feature eight Cortex A-53 cores and a next generation Adreno 405 GPU. Even though it won’t be the first 64-bit CPU in a smartphone, the Snapdragon 615 is going to be the first ever eight-core CPU that has been put in a retail smartphone.

All of this awesomeness is going to be packed inside of the new HTC Desire 820. The company has been teasing us with pictures on their own Weibo account. The pictures hint that the new smartphone is going to be unveiled at IFA on September 4th. The current HTC Desire (below) is a pretty mid-level smartphone with a very mid-level CPU. This is going to be a huge jump for the Desire, and it is probably going to be one of the more desirable smartphones on the market when it drops.

htc desire

I personally have a lot of faith in HTC. I have been a big fan of what they do for a very long time, so the fact that they haven’t been doing so well lately saddens me. Their sales have taken a huge hit lately, especially with the huge competition they have been getting from Samsung. The Samsung competition isn’t letting up either; they are expected to unveil their Galaxy Note 4 at IFA as well. That isn’t all either, we can’t forget the fact that Apple is going to be putting out the iPhone 6 this year as well. HTC has a lot to overcome with this release, but I think they might have come up with just the right formula to be able to stand up against everyone else.

Even though I’m a huge believer in HTC, I will admit that I currently have an iPhone 5s. I will say that I am very excited to see more of this new smartphone and I may even be interested in trading in my iPhone for it if it ends up being everything that it is expected to be. We’ll see! Rents Smartphones! Just Call 888-882-0102

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