The Super Convenient OpenTable App Just Got A Lot More Convenient

opentalbeOpenTable is one of the most useful apps ever if you are traveling on business or even if you’re in a pinch on Valentines Day or something like that. You can look up restaurants, reviews, ratings, and even make reservations all right there. On Monday, it just got a lot more convenient. They announced that New Yorkers will now be able to pay for their meals directly from the app as well.

They did a pilot program to test this out in San Francisco already and it worked wonderfully. The company is now bringing mobile payment to about 45 different restaurants in New York City. There are plans to have this feature in over 20 other cities across America by the end of this year. Hopefully after not much longer, it will be available in most cities in America. OpenTable helps over 15 million people book diner reservations each month, and now that you can pay for it with your credit card that number should go up by quite a bit.

This big new feature is the result of buying OpenTable for $2.6 billion. They bought it only two short months ago and are already doing huge things to make it an even better service. Among the many places in New York that are participating are popular spots in the city like Smith & Wollensky Quality Meats and City Crab.

The way the mobile payment option on OpenTable works is even really convenient in itself. You don’t have to enter a table number or scan a bar code at all. The restaurant itself just adds the charge to your credit card through their computer system, and it is reflected in the app in real time. You don’t even have to do anything yourself. After you get everything taken care of and follow the prompts in the app, you will also get a receipt emailed too you.

So far, OpenTable is only available for iOS. There is no word yet on if there will be an Android release or not.

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