Timex Announces A Smartphone Free Smartwatch

timex ironmanOn Wednesday well-known watch brand Timex announced that they are introducing a new smartwatch that doesn’t use a phone at all.

The new watch is called the Ironman One GPS+. It is a 3G connected device, and the coolest ability that it has is being able to connect to apps on its own without any phone at all. The watch is a really great idea for anyone who is going to be tracking fitness and doesn’t want to carry a phone around while they do it.

The Ironman One GPS+ comes with 4GB of memory.  You can load it with all of your favorite songs in MP3 format, and it comes with a full year of free 3G data brought to you by AT&T. It is also completely water resistant, for those of you who like to swim, and supports all of the best fitness tracking apps that are out there.

As the name would have you believe, the watch has GPS. That means that you can use it to track your location and even share where you are with others if you’re in to that kind of thing. It also has a really nice “Find Me Mode” feature that lets you send out custom alert messages with your exact location in case an emergency situation pops up.

Right now there are two different versions of the Ironman One GPS+ available for pre-order on the Timex website. The standard one is going for $399. Then there is another version with a built in heart rate monitor that is going for $449. Both of them will be available at AT&T stores as well as most major electronics stores by this fall.

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