Samsung Look To Copy Apple Yet Again With Another New Device, But Does It Really Matter?

82399231 (1)It seems almost necessary now for a new phone or mobile device to drop just about every week from a company now. There just appears to be a need to have new devices every few days maybe. That being said, all of the devices in the world can’t help a company compete with popularity. Apple remains at the top of the mobile technology hierarchy and not without a reason either. Apple has been looked at as the standard for all mobile technology for quite a while now. Not only do the devices tend to work exceptionally well, but they also normally have the best style. In case you were wondering, style does play a factor in how a device gets sold. Many of the competitor companies such as Samsung have taken notice of this though.

In The Past

In the past, we’ve seen how Samsung has been the leading fighter against Apple as a competitor company. Their technologies have consistently been neck and neck in the eyes of consumers. Both Samsung and Apple have put out commercials taking their jabs at each others’ devices. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and S5 have been known to be larger phones, but very good working phones either way. They’ve looked a bit different from Apple’s, which is necessary should they want to retain their own identity. That being said, the devices have slowly started to adopt bits and pieces of Apple’s stylistics.

So What’s Looking Good?

I like to think that the term “identity crisis” get used sparingly when it pops up in conversation, but I could be wrong. I’m not trying to hint at the fact that Samsung’s new Galaxy Alpha smartphone has an identity crisis. I’m just saying that the company keeps taking bits and pieces from Apple’s styles and adding it to their own devices. Now, there is nothing wrong with this. After all, the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. How is this particular new smartphone looking more like an Apple product now? The new phone has adopted a grooved metal border design which has appeared on the iPhone 5 and up, so this was even a recent add-on for Apple. This new border design along with the clean white and black looks suggest that Samsung is going for a more “iPhone-ish” look. Is Your #1 Supplier For Event PC & AV Rentals, 888-882-0102

Why Do I Care?

This is where the matter of opinion will really come into play and greatly affect the sales of both Apple and Samsung products. Samsung is copying Apple’s product design again, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Samsung has excellent technology. In some regards, Samsung’s tech has even been looked at as better than Apple’s technology. Here’s another factor to consider though. Even with their technology still performing very well for the company, they’re still adopting the looks of Apple’s devices. This suggests that Apple is still at the top and Samsung knows it. By doing this, they’re also basically openly admitting that Apple has a “better” product than theirs.

The subject of being better or not is, again, strictly up to the opinion of the consumer. I personally feel that Apple products are better myself, but I’m also an Apple fanboy and tend to like their design. Samsung’s new Galaxy Alpha phone could be something worth while, and while the company has yet to fully disclose any information on it or the fact that it want’s to give the illusion of an Apple device, it could be a very nice phone. All that is left to do now is see what Samsung will come out and say.


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