HP Is Breaking Into The Luxury Smartwatch Market

smartwatch3It looks like more companies are starting to catch on to the fact that smartwatches are the most hideous thing ever. HP has decided to do their part to change that and put out something that anyone would be proud to wear on their wrist.

Gilt is a designer retail site, and HP has teamed up with them to bring a new luxury smartwatch to the masses. They have brought designer Michael Bastian to design the watch. Everything he designs is really beautiful, so this should be no exception.

Most of the smartwatches out right now are square and boxy and generally a dumb color. HP’s new smartwatch is going to have a round face, which is already a huge step. It is going to have a 44mm stainless steel casing and an inlaid button control. So right off the bat they are taking care of most of the fashion issues just with those simple little things.

Michael Bastian says that the inspiration for the design of the watch came from the look and feel of luxury cars. It is also going to be designed so that you don’t have to do a lot of messing around with it to get the information that you want, the whole idea behind it is to show you everything you need to see with just a glance. He also described that as looking at the dials on a car’s dashboard. Sounds like this guy knows what people actually want from a smartwatch.

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HP is the one that is behind all of the technology based stuff with the watch. They have also made a really great move by making the watch compatible with iOS devices AND Android devices. That is probably the biggest selling point besides the actual beauty of the watch.

The watch will be able to do cool things like control the music on your phone, but it is mainly a notification hub. You can see incoming calls and texts without pulling out your phone and get notifications on stock, weather, sports and whatever else you’d like to set it up to show you. HP also promises up to 7 days of battery life, so it will be a pretty low maintenance smartwatch.

The watch is scheduled to debut this fall, and the pricing isn’t available yet. Judging by the facts that it is going to be a very nice fashion watch and that it is also a very productive smartwatch, it will probably be on the expensive side.

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