New Displays Could Correct Vision Problems Without Glasses

eyeEvery person out there that wears glasses is going to be able to kick back, relax and put them away while they are using their favorite mobile devices pretty soon thanks to a new display technology. Screens will be able to correct vision problems.

This new technology is going to be able to change the images on the screen based on your individual glasses prescription. To do this it will use different algorithms in combination with a light filter in front of the display. The algorithm will change the light from each pixel on the screen. When the rays of light pass through the tiny holes in the plastic filter, they will hit your retina in a way that makes the image sharper as if you were wearing your glasses. The screen will be basically doing the same thing that your glasses would do and distort whatever is on the screen so that you can see it correctly based on your eyes.

A computer science professor from Berkeley named Brian A. Barsky explained it as undoing what the optics in your eyes are going to do on their own. Researchers at Microsoft and MIT are also helping with the development of this new technology.

One of the most inspirational things that this technology has the potential to do is that not only can it correct simple vision problems, but it could also help correct really serious vision problems that are due to physical defects that can’t be entirely corrected with glasses.

There have been a few attempts at doing something like this, but it has never turned out perfectly or even been anything to really take seriously. This could be a project that changes life for some people. It’s going to create a much sharper image than any other attempt at it has, and a paper on the research is going to be presented at the International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in August. The annual conference is held in Vancouver, Canada.

The paper explains an experiment done using an iPod touch. Technicians displayed highly detailed pictures of different things, including famous paintings, and applied the algorithms to warp the image based on specific eye conditions. They also tested the new technology using a Canon DSLR camera. They set the camera to simulate vision problems by adjusting the focus.

Now all they have to do is figure out how to manufacture this as a real life, practical thing that people can easily use. There are still a few challenges that need to be hammered out like being able to easily read an individual’s specific eye problems. Right now they don’t think that it is going to be much of an issue, and the whole team is really excited about the progress they are making.

Right now, the technology would only allow for one person to use the product. But they say that if they double the resolution, they would be able to make it adjustable for more than one person to use at a time.  That is cool.

Sometimes it is amazing what we can create and what technology can do.

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