Think You Were Getting Microsoft’s Surface Mini? Think Again

surfaceWe’ve all known Microsoft to be a relatively huge powerhouse in terms of technology. They’ve always had a big stand on top. After all, Bill Gates was the richest man in the world for quite some time. That says something. Recently, we’ve seen the tides somewhat change however. People don’t really use PC’s anymore. They’ve traded their normal stationary computing lifestyles for something a bit more mobile. The customers want something that can move with them. They want wireless. They want practical. They want something that that can bring with them. Apple has delivered that tenfold. Apple has been destroying the mobile market with ease, and so has it’s competitors. Microsoft has been falling behind.

Scratching The Surface

Microsoft has never really been a mobile technology giant like Apple and Samsung have recently been. They’ve only just started venturing into mobile technology if you look at it comparatively against Apple and Samsung. The only thing that Microsoft has really focused on, it seems, is their operating system, their laptops, and the Xbox. They came out with the Surface Pro tablets. This was their first venture into the tablet market with the rest of the big dogs. The response could have been a bit better for Microsoft but the recent release of their Surface Pro 3 got pretty good reviews. The Surface Series from Microsoft is essentially a line of laptop tablet hybrids. The new Surface Pro 3 even stated that this was “tablet to replace your laptop”. Big talk coming from the company that decided to kill of a new product.

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Death Of The Surface Mini

As quickly as the Surface Mini rumors have come up, so too have they just… stopped. Why is that you may wonder? Simple. The Surface Mini from Microsoft will NOT be coming out. There are a few different reasons behind this decision. First off, and probably the most obvious reason, is that it’s just too late in the game. The small screen tablet market it already full (just about) of top brands that if Microsoft were to put out the Surface Mini, not too many people would care. They are about 2 years late after all. The iPad Mini and other small screen tablets like the Nexus 7 are already far too established to warrant a profitable and practical release from Microsoft. That, and the fact that the Surface Mini would be running Windows 8.1 and be marketed as more of a productive tablet rather than a consumable tablet, the response wouldn’t have been good.

So What Is Microsoft Going To Do?

Microsoft has a few things that they need to figure out. Plain and simple. The way that I currently see things moving, Microsoft has a better chance of just converting to a game company rather than compete with the likes of Google, Android, Samsung, and Apple. People will always buy Xboxes and PlayStations, but think about this for a second as well; Google, Android, Samsung, and Apple, don’t have gaming systems. Probably because they know that it’s too late for them to make one and Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are already well established in that category. The age of the PC is dead. Microsoft needs to pick and choose their battles from here on out.

I love Microsoft. I have since I was a kid, but the facts are the facts. Today’s mobile technology trends suggest that we are in the age of tablets and smartphones. Even laptops are starting to look a bit less interesting to certain consumers. Microsoft has the gaming community on a tight grip however. Unless Microsoft can really come up with something game changing in terms of mobile technology, they may want to consider just becoming a gaming company like Nintendo and throw in the towel for the Mobile Technology battle.



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