New Smartphone Displays That Can Tell When You Are Sick

sickThe next smartphone you have could actually be more like a genius phone. Can you imagine having a phone that could tell when you were sick and even analyze your DNA? Researchers from Corning, the company who manufactures Gorilla Glass, are working on developing a display that has sensors to read your spit. I can’t imagine spitting on my phone to tell me if I’m sick, but anyway, that is amazing.

The sensors embedded in the display would be useful for a lot more than spitting on though. They could take your temperature, assess your blood sugar level in case you are a diabetic, and they could even work with platforms like Apple’s HomeKit to give you more information on your health and help you keep track of it in real time.

Apple is rumored to be getting away from Gorilla Glass for the iPhone 6 and using a super durable sapphire glass instead. But, this would be a big reason for Apple to reconsider that decision. It may already be too late to put it on the iPhone 6, but it is a real possibility for the next installment of the iPhone.

The team of researchers have created the first laser written light guiding system in order to make these huge advancements. Now that this type of thing is possible, it opens up all kinds of doors and even more uses for our smartphones. The possibilities are endless and many haven’t even been imagined yet, but the hope is that a lot of companies that make tablets and smartphones will start using this technology to help people stay healthy.

The technology is made possible by shooting lasers into glass to make tiny pathways that will transmit data in the form of tiny beams of light. The waveguides channel the light in a way similar to how electrical signals travel through copper wires. This gives the opportunity for companies to get creative with what they will do with the technology. You can even use it to monitor carbon-monoxide levels in the air.

It’s crazy to think of everything that could happen with these new displays. The future is here, and we’re about to find out all about it.

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