Lenovo Takes Small Tablets From U.S. And Leaves Microsoft With Nothing

thinkpad8Lenovo has recently announced that they are going to stop selling the ThinkPad 8 in the United States. This is bad news for Microsoft because they don’t have much else going for them in the small tablet department. Microsoft has already been struggling a little bit, which makes the news just that much more bitter.

Lenovo, the biggest PC vendor in the U.S. confirmed the news on Thursday. Not only are they pulling the ThinkPad 8 off all the shelves in America, but the Miix 2 already sold out as well and there isn’t any word on shipping any more out either. This means that Windows basically has nothing left in the United States as far as small tablets go.

The reason for the huge move is that Lenovo is seeing that a lot of people in America aren’t really interested in their smaller tablets. They don’t do very well here, but their bigger tablets have been selling like hot cakes. The ThinkPad 10 in particular has been getting a huge response. The ThinkPad 8 has been doing really well in China, Brazil and Japan. So they are going to keep selling them there and focus more of their smaller tablets in those areas as well.

Microsoft may be to blame for the small demand for Windows tablets in the United States. While they were focusing only on bigger tablets and refusing to even acknowledge the fact that small tablets existed, Apple, Dell, Acer, Asus, and Samsung were all killing it with their smaller tablets. They already had the whole market locked down before Microsoft realized there was a huge demand. To this day, Windows still doesn’t even run that well on smaller screens.

Levovo probably won’t completely stop selling smaller tablets in the United States. As a matter of fact, they have plans to release another one before the end of the year. But Microsoft is going to have to step up their game if they want to continue being a player in this game.


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