What Ever Happened To The Nook? Samsung Knows

galaxynookDo you ever feel like some of the technology that you love so much is slowly dying out? Mind you, I loved the Tamagotchi key chains just as much as the next kid did back in the day, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about one of Barnes & Noble’s only attempts to get involved in the technology market. You remember the Nook? It even sounds weird to say that out loud, mainly cause it wasn’t that long ago that the Nook was a more relevant name in the eBook/tablet market. It was the only real competitor of the Kindle. Not to be confused with the Kindle Fire tablet, but I digress. Is the Nook still something to think about anymore?

Yes, the Nook is still here.

The Nook is still, somewhat, “alive”. It’s more so alive in a much different away. Since the Nook’s life has been a bit less than successful, they’ve decided to go ahead and sort of “hand over” the Nook to Korean tech giant, Samsung. Samsung will be releasing a new Nook “tablet” later this year. There is a slight change to the overall look of the Barnes & Noble eBook. Instead of the hardware actually being made by Barnes & Noble again, Samsung is just uploading the Nook software directly to their Galaxy Tab 4.

What does this mean for Samsung?

Samsung will be branding the new tablet let as the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. They’ve essentially gained a new product to market for absolutely free. The best part of it is that they don’t even need to go back to the drawing board to change parts of the hardware. All that needs to be uploaded is the software and Samsung will be able to market their new Tab 4 Nook as an entirely new product. If eBooks continue to sell even remotely well, this could be another way to get money in their pockets, but again, that’s IF eBooks sell well. Either way, it’s always good to have another product available for consumers. Options are never a bad thing

What does this mean for Barnes & Noble?

The CEO of the company, Mike Huesby, said that there would be a new device towards the end of this year. Since Samsung picked up the new device, he technically delivered on his word. The new Tab 4 Nook will be going on sale in August, along side some of the other e-readers that Barnes & Noble will continue to make. This is where some might be a bit confused. Does the fact that they’ve given their Nook over to Samsung mean that they are dropping out of the tablet game? One would think, but then again, they’re continuing to build different e-readers.

What does this mean for YOU as a consumer?

You now have another choice to choose from in terms of tablets that cater to specific interests. If you need a more recreational tablet and love eBooks, then this new tablet is obviously for you. Then again, there are a few more things to consider when choosing this. You are basically just getting a Galaxy Tab 4 with Nook software on it. Is e-reading that important to you to justify buying a new tablet? That’s only for you to decide. This could mean as well though, that Samsung will continue to integrate this type of Nook e-reader technology and possibly go the route of a more “Kindle Fire-esque” approach. Only time will tell.

There are plenty of tablet out now with even more coming soon. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more lax, an e-reader might be the better choice to go with. No need to pay for extra features if all you want to do is read eBooks.

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