The iPhone 6 Will Have A Screen That Can’t Be Scratched

iphoneThere is a video that turned up this week showing off the new display of the iPhone 6. In the video, the screen is taking a beating from a hunting knife and is left without any marks on it. It was scratched and even stabbed, and was still looking fresh as ever.

There have also been lots of rumors that the new screens on the iPhone 6 will either be flexible and/or curved. If that is also true, then the iPhone 6 is going to be the most durable phone ever, probably. Not only that, but it also means that we have tons of torture testing videos on YouTube to look forward to. Most phones can be scratched pretty easily, and if the iPhone 6 is going to be un-scratchable, then maybe it will be immune to me being an idiot and dropping it 5 times a day as well. One can only hope.

Another thing that I like about the new iPhone design that has been leaked, is that it is going to have curved edges. That in itself might do a good job at keeping your phone look nice. I know that the edges of my phone that were once sharp and crisp now look mangled and stupid. It would also be nice if the entire phone casing was as durable as the screen itself.

Also, with the tapered edges from the leaked photos, that probably means that the display isn’t curved at all like most people thought was going to happen. No one can know for sure yet, but it appears that they will actually be sticking with a flat screen like all of the previous iPhone designs. Apple seems to be a company that is pretty set in their ways and not so open to change. It’s probably never that likely that Apple will come out with a huge game changing feature on one of their current products.

Either way, so far things are looking really great for the iPhone 6. Even if the only new update we got was a screen that was super durable and couldn’t be scratched or cracked, that would be more than most of us could have asked for. I know the pain of being so proud of your new phone and then suddenly having a terrible unsightly scratch on the display. Nothing ruins high quality videos or pictures like a big goofy scratch going through it. And there is also no better reminder of how silly you are than looking at your expensive new phone in less than perfect shape.

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