Apple Just Hired A Luxury Watch Executive, Why?

480361557Last week, Apple hired Patrick Pruniaux, TAG Heuer’s old vice president of sales and retail. With the Apple iWatch in progress, the reasons he was hired are pretty obvious. This could be the one thing that puts Apple ahead of Google and Samsung.

Over the past year, Apple has hired on a ton of new people to help with this endeavor. This hire though, gives us a little more insight on how the final product could turn out. The previous new hires have all talked about the actual technology of the new device, focusing on health and fitness aspects of it. TAH Heuer is a pretty sporty company, but they are mainly focused on the fashion and luxury end of things.

It has become clear that Apple isn’t only concerned with selling us new apps to run on our wrists. By bringing on a luxury watch executive on board, it shows that Apple is ready to sell watches to people who just want a high end watch as well, and not just the guys who need the latest toys to show how cool it is to listen to Pandora from their wrist.

It is also a possibility that this new hire is no more than a way to build relationships in the watch industry and solidify better distribution channels. Most smartwatch makers so far are selling their watches in regular electronics stores or wireless carriers. No one is going to shop for a high end watch at their cell phone store. No one is going to get ready for a date at an electronics store. It seems like Apple is on to something here that should have been painfully obvious for everyone else who has already put out a smartwatch.

The only downside to this is that it probably means that Apple will be selling their watches at a higher price point than most other smartwatches on the market. But when you really think about it, it’s Apple. You’d buy a plastic wind up toy watch from them for whatever price they put on it. Don’t pretend like I’m wrong. But, in all seriousness, it will probably be worth the higher price tag.

Now let me blow your mind for a minute. It might be weird to see an Apple iWatch sitting next to a Movado or Armani watch in a display case, but it looks like that is what is going to happen. But, Apple does the fitness planning and technology thing way too well to abandon it that much. Well, new rumors suggest that there will probably be more than one iWatch coming from Apple at around the same time.

However many products they release, they might not actually all be watches. There will probably be some watches, fitness bands, and other types of things like that. Apple is the king of marketing, and they know that they need to make products to cater to different types of customers, including both male and female customers.

Apple managed to change the entire idea of the cellphone. They managed to make us forget that house phones and even flip phones ever existed. They are the best at reinventing. Who knows what could happen with the iWatch. Hopefully we’ll know more soon. Has The Latest iPads And Accessories Available For Rental, Just Call 888-736-8301 For A Quick Quote!

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