Siri Might Be Looking Towards A Knowledge Upgrade Soon!

siriVoice recognition technology is really nifty thing. You might not think it, but it has become a much more common of a feature as of late. Everything from the Xbox One to the speech-to-text technology is becoming more prevalent in today’s technology. I feel like the technology itself is something crazy to see, and possibly even more crazy to understand. We are talking about a technology that we used to think of as “the future”. Now, the “future” is here and we are seeing it everywhere. We talk to our technology now. It’s an incredible thing. Just take a look at your iPhones Apple users. You have a digital friend that might make you laugh or annoy you more than anything in the world sitting right inside your phone. Her name is Siri.

For those of you who have had the pleasure (or misfortune) of meeting Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, then you know she can be a bit lacking in the knowledge department. If she doesn’t know “what you mean” by something, she will gladly ask you if she should pull up an internet search for it. 9 times out of 10 however, what you asked Siri was probably a simple question. This is where we can see that vocal recognition technology could still be limited. It is performed very will on certain platforms for certain services, but that doesn’t mean that every platform is ready to have it be a main feature. Siri’s software is still kind of limited to what she can do and interpret. Luckily for us, that looks to change sometime soon.

Apple has gone and taken the liberty of hiring a team of tech wizards to help boost Siri’s new next-gen software for her next upgrade. By incorporating neural network algorithms, Siri will be able to learn and understand what you’re saying a lot easier now. You probably talk very slowly and distinctly when you talk to Siri. With the new algorithms, you wont have to do that anymore. Talk like a normal person and Siri will understand everything (hopefully) that you’re saying. As of now though, you might still have to talk mildly slowly to Siri if you want to make sure she hears everything you’re saying.

The only downside is that Apple may be a bit late to the party in terms of having technology that works with these new neural algorithms. Both Google and Microsoft have already been working with this new technology. The good thing, though, is that we know that Apple is taking their voice recognition technology seriously. With the new team that they’ve hired, it only shows how serious they are about catching up with the rest of the pack. Late or not, Siri is practically a household name now. I don’t believe that Microsoft’s Cortana is. That just goes to show that Apple still remains on top.

No one know for sure when we will see this new upgrade for Siri. We can only hope that she will receive her overhaul in the fall with the launch of iOS 8. I know that I’ll be so excited when I can finally talk to Siri and not want to pull my hair out. Digital assistants are fun, and mildly helpful. They would, and will be, hopefully more so after this new software update later this year.

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