New Blackphone From SGP Technologies Promises Top-Of-The-Line Security And Privacy To Smartphone Users

blackphonePrivacy and security has always been big on computers and laptops but cellphones were usually safe when they first emerged. However, with the advancements in smartphone technology and with people being connected to the internet nearly 24-7, security concerns have increased. Add that the to the fact that hackers and other technology infectors are finding more and more ways to get into literally any device you have and the threat becomes even greater, especially if you are constantly traveling around for business.

However, a new mobile device is slated to the hit the market soon that hopes to give users more peace-of-mind over their mobile devices. The Blackphone, which is an android-based smartphone, is set to head out to users soon, promising enhanced privacy and security to users.

SGP Technologies, which is based out of Geneva, is manufacturing the device and recently announced that Blackphone handsets have started shipping to customers who have pre-ordered the device.

SGP is a joint venture between Silent Circle and Geeksphone. Silent Circle provides encrypted communication services to based in National Harbor, Maryland while Geeksphone is a smartphone manufacturer out of Madrid. The two companies jointly announced Blackphone, which runs a customized version of Android known as PrivateOS. In addition to that, it also bundles Silent Circle’s secure messaging and calling services.

The Blackphone also comes with a lot of privacy-focused apps and services that provide anonymous web searching, private browsing and secure storage pre-loaded. These apps include Kismet Smarter WiFi Manager, which prevents connection history and other information leaks to wireless hotspots, Disconnect Secure Wireless for virtual private networking and SpriderOak for encrypted cloud storage.

In addition to that, the Blackphone also comes with a built-in remote wipe feature, uses Disconnect Search to hide users’ IP addresses, browser cookies and other personal information from search engines. The Blackphone also comes with a Security Center feature that allows users to control app permissions in detail.

All of this security doesn’t come cheap, however. The Blackphone retails for $629 and comes with two-year subscriptions to Silent Circle, SpiderOak and Disconnect secure communications and storage services. The Blackphone comes with a 4.7″ IPS HD display and is powered by a 2GHz NVIDIA Tegra 4i quad-core system-on-a-chip that is coupled with 1GB LPDDR3 RAM with 16GB of on-board storage that can be extended via microSD card slot.

According to the Blackphone’s creators, the device was designed to prevent bulk data collection and snooping by cybercriminals and intelligence agencies. However, the smartphone is unable to protect against targeted surveillance that involves the use of more sophisticated methods and exploits.

If you want the Blackphone then be prepared to wait. The smartphone is currently unavailable through its official website due to the initial inventory being sold out. However, SGP Technologies plans on accepting new order on July 14. Users in other countries may be able to purchase the Blackphone from their carriers. Dutch telecommunications provider KPN will sell the device to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany following a partnership signed with the device’s manufacturer back in February.

If you’re looking for the latest in smartphone security then the Blackphone is probably something you should look into. Sure the price is a little steep but when it comes to personal security you get what you pay for.

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