We’ve Seen The Surface Pro 3, Now Get Ready For The Surface Pro Mini!

surfaceI’ve noticed that there are certain trends that come about in technology. The biggest trend I’d have to say that I’ve noticed recently is size. The thinner it is, the more wowed your customers will be, or that’s how it seems at least. When Apple first came out with the iPad Mini, I was a bit more than skeptical at what they were getting at. I figured, well its just the same thing as an iPad, only slightly smaller. I couldn’t tell if I was annoyed by this or not. Much to my dismay, however, I noticed that there was a huge response to the new device and it was getting pretty rave reviews. Then again like I said, it seems like it’s all about the size these days.

I’m not here to discuss iPods and iPads though. I’m here to discuss something a bit more interesting. We’ve recently seen Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 come to the mass market. Why, just yesterday I saw an ad for it on TV and they boasted that it was the “tablet that could replace your laptop”. Naturally a very lofty claim. I’m still very much on the fence about that whole statement. As of now though, you can still get the Surface Pro 3 and try it for yourself should you be interested in seeing whether or not Microsoft is onto something with this new device. Just remember that if you choose to get it, you’ll be faced with buying the keyboard separately.

Something that was supposed to happen, but unfortunately never did, was the launch of the Surface Mini.

Lets all stop beating around the bush and stop pretending that Apple isn’t the company to beat. They rule basically everything when it comes to tech. Nothing is bigger than Apple, thus, it would only make sense for competitors to come up with their own renditions of new technology to combat Apple’s ever-growing sales. Google is even doing well with most of their products. Take the Nexus 7. While they may not be beating the iPad Mini, they still have a product out that is actually competing with it. This is where Microsoft may have been failing… until now.

While it hasn’t been officially announced YET, they may have let it slip a bit. We all know of the annoying user’s manuals that no one reads when you get a new tech product. This is where the unconfirmed gem is hiding. Right in plain sight. Should you go to Microsoft’s website and look up the Surface Pro 3 manual, you may find that it references the Surface Mini more times than one. One of the references suggests that the new Surface Mini might even come with a digital pen of its own, much like the big brother Surface Pro 3. The reference states “You’ll pair your new pen with the Surface Mini a little later during setup.” If that isn’t a clear indicator, I’m not sure what is.

The new device was scheduled to launch right along side the Surface Pro 3 actually, but news has since been silenced about it, possibly due to fear of competition with the upcoming iPhone 6. No one is quite sure why as of yet. Even still, we do know that the new Surface Mini is “confirmed” now. That’s the biggest step in the right direction for Microsoft. They just need to make sure that it can stand up to the other “mini” competitors out there.

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