The Amazon Fire Phone Officially Announced

firephone2On Wednesday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos officially announced the new Amazon Fire Phone at a private event in Seattle, WA. The phone is a slim, sleek looking black phone. It isn’t flashy, but that is part of what makes it look nice, if that makes sense. The device gives you a lot of power at your fingertips, and also the ability to buy just about anything you’d like directly from the phone, no matter where you are at. The single most cool thing about the phone though is probably the fact that it isn’t a rumor anymore, and it’s a real thing.

The Amazon Fire Phone comes equipped with Firefly. Firefly is a feature that lets the user scan their surroundings and gather information and anything that the phone’s camera can see. It has a huge database and can give you information on just about anything. You can also scan items in stores without even scanning the bar code and it will show you all of the cheapest places to purchase the item, which will obviously direct you back to Amazon.

This is a genius plan for Amazon. Not only is it a really nice feature to have that can help you in every day life, but it will always lead you back to Amazon to buy something. With most of the hardware they have put out, they have all had a few things in common: They are top of the line, they are cheaper than the competing products, and they all have a way of making you buy things from Amazon. I really don’t think there has ever been a company with a better marketing plan.

Another huge marketing strategy that you can’t even complain about is Prime. With Prime, you can sign up for a one time fee of $99, and with that, you can get access to unlimited 2 day shipping from Amazon. It’s literally disgusting how they have turned all of these awesome devices into ways of getting the most money they can out of you, but the deals they give you make it totally worth being disgusted. Another cool thing about Prime is that you can stream movies and music once you sign up. You really can’t beat that deal.

Another thing that needs to be noted is that the Amazon Appstore has over 200,000 Android apps at your disposal, in case you were worried that you couldn’t play Candy Crush.

For months and months there have been rumors about the Amazon Fire Phone. And now that it has been officially announced, we’re finding out that the phone has actually been in the works since 2009. This is Amazon’s first attempt at hitting the smartphone market, and they have had more than enough time to observe their competitors and figure out how to do it better. So far, it looks like that have done just that. The Amazon Fire Phone will surely be a huge Apple iPhone competitor.

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