Printing Wirelessly From Your iPhone Or iPad

156528307Being able to print something on a piece of paper is one of the most common things that you will ever have to do if you work at a business or if you are a student. It is one of the oldest forms of sharing and receiving information, probably second only to speech, and chances are you’ll have to do it a lot. Today, though, you probably spend more time on your iOS device than you do on your actual computer, and you may come across things that you need to print out more often in those situations.

There is good news: you can print wirelessly with AirPrint. Lots of people don’t know that, but now you do. Here is how.

Setting up the printer

If your printer is AirPrint compatible, you’ll have a much easier time. But either way, you can still do it regardless.

If your printer is in fact AirPrint compatible, all you really have to do is make sure that your iOS device in connected to the same Wi-Fi as your printer. After that, you’re pretty much done.

Once you do that you can do a simple test by writing out a note in your Notes app on your iPhone and hitting the square button with an arrow on it (you know what I’m talking about). Once you hit that, you should be able to hit “print” and your printer should show up as the selected device. If it doesn’t, then tap the Printer field and allow your device to scan, then select the printer when it shows up.

Then you should be able to print! This works with pretty much everything that you can see on your screen, not just the Notes app… that was just an example.

If your printer is NOT AirPrint compatible, you can download a program that makes your iOS device think that any printer connected to your computer is AirPrint ready. This way, you’re just using your computer as the middle man instead of going straight to the printer.

If you have a Windows computer, you should use the program called O’print. If you have a Mac, use the program called HandyPrint.

When you install them, you will be able to pick from a list of all the printers installed on your computer. Just pick the one you want to use or enable them all if you’d like.

You can test the connection the exact same way that I described above for users with AirPrint compatible printers, and the speed should be just about the same if not faster. Remember that for this type of setup to work, your computer has to be turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi that your iOS device is on.

This is a super useful tool that I guarantee you will catch yourself using on a regular basis. It’s great for when you get a ¬†important email that you check on your phone and need to print out, or if you need to print a map, a web page, even different things from third party apps that you may have a need to print. No matter what you are using it for, it is sure to make your life a lot easier while you’re working.

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