Amazon’s New Smartphone Suggests That A Smartphone Only As Good As Its Apps

160810576In a market that is currently flooded with smartphones, it’s very hard for anything “new” to catch your eye. In any case, any other company trying to release their first smartphone right now would have to compete with Samsung, Windows, Google, and of course Apple. All of these companies have already been well established with their respective devices. I’m pretty sure that everyone and their mother has either an iPhone or an HTC. It’s expected that sometime today, online shopping company Amazon will release their very first smartphone and join the ranks of web surfing text messaging devices. The only problem with Amazon coming out with their new phone, aside from being a bit more than fashionably late, is the app service. Will they be able to come up with something competitive enough to draw consumers in?

First off, lets look at some of the cold, hard facts. Amazon has done great work for themselves with their Kindle Fire HDX, and has even given Apple a slight run for its money in the tablet world. That being said, tablets and smartphones are two different things. Amazon has amassed a good number of services for their Kindle Fire, and without the help of Google. But again, we’re not talking about a new tablet here. When dealing with a smartphone, it doesn’t matter how many versions of “Angry Birds” you have on it. It doesn’t make it a good device unless it can perform a few simple tasks. If you look at what every basic smartphone user utilizes their phone for, you come up with; emails, web browsing, taking photos, social media, navigation and, of course, calls. Unless Amazon’s new phone can deliver this, they are already destined to fail.

With a company like Google, they’ve gotten one thing down pact for sure: maps. While navigation might not be the biggest deal for some, many feel the need to buy a navigation device has been negated by the fact that literally every smartphone comes with navigation now. Google maps is offered on iPhone for a reason. Since Amazon will be making their new phone without the aid of Google, they won’t have access to all of the apps that Google has created. This includes Google Maps, Google Voice, Google Chrome, and more. That’s another issue as well; web browsing.

If you can’t utilize a good web browser, then expect your phone to be nothing more than a social media paperweight. These core apps are nothing short of CRUCIAL. Since Amazon won’t be able to use Google Chrome, they will have to find another outlet for web browsing. Safari is out of the question, as is Internet Explorer. They could possibly finance Firefox and be fine with that. Even with that, they will still need to make sure that the browser speed is sufficient. Last thing a customer wants is to try and look at their email and not be able to because the browser is so slow. But why would they need to view email via web browser? Simple. No Gmail.

Since there will be no access to Gmail either, the other step to take would be to make sure that they have an email app set up that works properly with an interface that is easy to navigate and understand. If what they get can’t accomplish those two goals, they may as well not even worry about having an email app.

amazonAll-in-all, the smartphone market is profusely inundated with different models to the point that it doesn’t really matter how good your hardware is, if your software can’t compete. Here’s to hoping that Amazon and pull a rabbit out of their hats and give us something amazing to work with.

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