Everything You Should Know About The iPhone 6 Release

187625854Just update your phone to the Apple iPhone 5S? Well unfortunately, Apple is at it again with an even better iPhone release and the rumors are churning. Many people complain that with every Apple iPhone release, they see little differences in their cellular devices that actually benefit them while on the go. How much more complex can they get after releasing a cell phone that you can access with your finger print?
Rumors about the next iPhone, the iPhone 6, started days after the iPhone 5S went on sale. Sources claim that Apple will be releasing two new phones this year, just like last year in September 2013 with the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C. The iPhone 6, on the other hand, should have a larger display that will run iOS 8, along with the high possibility of a long lasting battery, flexible/indestructible glass, faster internet connections, better camera quality and many more aesthetic features.iPhone owners often complain about their devices barely making through the day without needing a recharge while on the go, so what about the battery life of the new phone? Well, Apple claims that it’s new operating system, iOS 8 will hopefully improve and conserve the battery life, but no guarantees quite yet. By monitoring which apps use the most power from the phone, Apple users will be able to keep an eye on their battery life and know which to close in order to conserve battery energy.It’s also thought that Apple will be planning to use sapphire glass in their next iPhone release, which claims to be “scratch free and nearly indestructible.” According to digitaltrends.com, Apple has spent nearly $578 million on a plan with GT advanced technology, which makes the sapphire glass, to speed up development of the glass displays for the iPhone 6 model.

The only unlikely rumor and feature for the new iPhone release is the wrap-around display screen. Back in May, Apple was granted a patent for sidewall displays which gave the impression that the new iPhone update would have a display screen that extends on to the sides of the device.

But, out of all the fancy new features and display updates, everyone is more focused on a better battery update or special feature that could help the device last a day at most!

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