Microsoft’s New Surface Pro 3 Says It Can Replace Your Laptop! Shots Fired!

I’ve heard many different claims be made that might seem a tad bit ridiculous. Some more so than others, but the “some” that I have heard just come off as outlandish at times. I’ve heard of movies being the “Best movie of the Summer” or the “#1 Comedy of the Year.” One claim that I just recently heard was something so lofty that it made even yours truly raise his eyebrows. Microsoft is playing a dangerous game by stating that their new Surface Pro 3 can “replace your laptop.” As we all know, the Surface Pro is designed as a tablet hybrid with a port attachment available for a keyboard. That being said, Microsoft did say it. Look out laptops, shots fired.

It’s pretty accurate to say that Apple’s Macbook Air is one of the best laptops on the market currently. They have earned that title with how thin and mobile the device is, not to mention the extremely high resolution display and overall performance power behind the laptop. Also, Apple isn’t the only company out there creating laptops for retail. There are other companies out there, so for Microsoft to come out and claim that their tablet hybrid could be your new laptop and take on the entire category is a tall order for them to fill.

The Surface Pro’s of the past haven’t been bad devices, but they couldn’t compete against the popularity and power of the iPad and Macbooks. Simply put, Apple runs the show in terms of those particular devices. There’s a reason that Apple was able to buy Beats from Dr. Dre himself. They didn’t gain that type of financial wiggle room from being on the bottom of the food chain. Big spending aside, the new Surface Pro 3 is looking to be the first of it’s kind to actually be able to perform as a laptop without it feeling… like it may be lacking something. Needless to say, it IS NOT a laptop, but the fact that it can give you that facade is enough to put this particular device on anyone’s radar.


It’s clearly different from the Macbook. Aside from the difference in operating systems, the Surface Pro 3 might be a bit more versatile and “moble” than the Macbook Air, or any laptop for that matter. The Surface Pro 3 is designed to not only work with the typical keyboard attachment, but also with a stylus pen, and through it’s touch screen like a regular tablet. As with any tablet that may come with a USB port or has Blue Tooth, you could also use a mouse with the device as well, should you be more desktop inclined.

Here is where Microsoft may have not thought their new marketing strategy all the way through: everyone is different. Not everyone will feel the need to test Microsoft’s theory because they simply don’t have a need for it. Perhaps they don’t use their devices enough, or don’t use them in a way that would warrant a change to the new Surface Pro 3. Even so, Microsoft may have the said exactly what they needed to say in order to boost sales for their new device. When the new tech drops within the next few weeks, we will find out how “replaceable” all of our laptops may be.

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