Microsoft Unveils Surface Pro 3 To Compete With Laptops

It’s official, Microsoft has announced the newest tablet from the company, the Surface Pro 3. Microsoft made the announcement recently by saying that the Surface Pro 3 is aimed at eliminating the “conflict” that the company sees between laptops and tablets.

The tablet itself comes with a 12″ screen and kickstand with stylus support. In addition to that, the Surface Pro 3 also comes with support for USB 3.0 along with Microsoft’s extremely popular Type-covers, which come in a plethora of color options. Internally, this tablet features an Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processor (depending on which you choose) to boost performance compared to the Surface Pro 2.

In talking about the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft stated that it has high hopes for the tablet. Microsoft is claiming that the Surface Pro 3 is the first tablet that can completely replace a user’s laptop. Microsoft argues that laptops and tablets have, until now, been mutually exclusive from each other and that this new Surface Pro 3 can bridge that gab.

But how is Microsoft planning on achieving this? Well, first off the company made the tablet 9.1mm thick compared to the 10.6mm thickness of the Surface Pro 2. The screen has also been increased from 10.6″ of the Surface Pro 2 to 12″ for the Surface Pro 3. According to Microsoft, this factor was “critical” in order to make the tablet compete with laptops. Moreover, the display also comes with a 2,160 x 1,440 resolution, which tops the traditional 1080p HD resolution displays on the market.

surface3In addition to that, Microsoft was also very quick to point out that the Surface Pro 3 only weighs 800 grams. Clearly Microsoft took aim at Apple during the presentation, showing the Surface Pro 3 against the Apple MacBook Air to prove that it is thinner and lighter than Apple’s thinnest and lightest laptop.

In order for Microsoft to make the Surface Pro 3 comparable to laptops, power was a major concern. Microsoft placed the tablet in a docking station to show that the device can look like a laptop while some higher-end apps were also shown off, including a 3D-rendering app and Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop has actually been optimized for the Surface Pro 3 and works with both fingers or a stylus. The icons of the app have also been increased by 200% for easier access. The featureset is possible, according to Adobe, because of the power built into the Surface Pro 3.

Surprisingly, the kickstand received a lot of attention at the press release as well. The standard, 22-degree angle kickstand is still included, though the kickstand on the Surface Pro 3 can extend to 150 degrees, making it almost completely flat.

The Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft is set to go on sale on Wednesday, May 21 for a base price of $799. Upon release there will be three different versions of the Surface Pro 3: an Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 model. The $799 price is for the Core i3 model with the Core i5 priced at $999 and the Core i7 model priced at $1,299, with different RAM and storage options also available. If you truly want to max out your Surface Pro 3 then be prepared to dish out $1,949 for 512GB of storage and and 8GB of onborad RAM.

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