This New Device May Help Make Business Travel Less Stressful By Getting Rid Of Your Low Battery Concerns!

low-batteryI’m the type of guy to normally stay away from Kickstarters and IndieGoGo’s. I’ve tried one myself, to no avail. Not to mention that, when dealing with tech, it seems that more than half of the products generally are pretty impractical. I’ve recently stumbled across something that caught even my eye, though. If you are like me, or the average American period, you know that your phone, tablet, and/or laptop is basically your lifeline to the world. We live in a world where we feel the need to rely on our devices for communication with just about everyone. Whether it be through texts, tweets, phone calls, or Facebook, we rely heavily on our mobile devices to be there for us. When the battery turns red on these devices, it tends to send us into a mild panic.

How many times have you been on a business trip, or waiting on a call from your colleague about something, only to find out that your charger is no where to be found and you device is about to die? It can be a gut wrenching feeling depending on the scenario. Well now there may be a way to deal with this problem.

An emerging tech company, hailing from Barcelona, has created something that they feel will greatly help with the “continuous-dying-phone epidemic” that we’re going through. The company, Idapt, has come up with a business card sized charger that will power up any USB device. The best part about the new gadget? It’s mobile, just like you.

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The device is called Modulo. It is essentially another external battery pack for your mobile devices. There are a few things that happen to send this particular battery pack apart from what we all are used to seeing however. First off is the versatility of this thing. The device comes with a set of mini cables all ready for you. This way, should you miss place your USB charging cord for you respective devices, you have a back up already. This already is a big help for people who lose everything they touch, including yours truly. The next fact has got to be the overall portability of the charger. This charger pack weighs next to nothing. Literally. Weighing in at only 2.4 ounces, this pack comes with adhesive strips that can attach directly to the back of your phone, tablet, or laptop. A single charge on the Modulo can last about 6 months before a use. The best part about this external battery is the stacking ability.

That’s right, this pack can be stacked. By stacking other Modulos on top of one another, you are adding more battery that you can take from. Should you want to charge your iPad as fast as possible, stack 3 Modulos on top of one another and you will get a full charge pretty quickly. The same can be said for use with any device.

Obviously every Kickstarter asks for money and funding to get their respective devices and services off the ground. This particular Kickstarter has already more than doubled it’s $30,000 goal, and still has about 3 weeks left to go. There is something to be said about practicality in all of this. There are some devices and accessories that shouldn’t really warrant funding. But with all of the features that Modulo offers, it’s easy to see why they’ve already doubled their funding goal.


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