Make Your Next Business Trip A Bit More Relaxing Thanks To Beats On Your iPad

beatsNo one said that your business trip would be relaxing. If anything, we all know how stressful the work environment can get. It should come as a surprise to no one that we all have ways to deal with the stress. Some indulge in a sugar snack (I myself love chocolate), and others tend to use music as an escape. When you know that you have a big meeting coming up, or should you have to travel by plane to take care of important business for the company, it can take it’s toll on you and stress you out. Music does soothe the savage soul however. While yes, there are many music apps out there currently, and while your playlist may have all of your old favorites, “Beats” might be the best choice for those stressful company meetings.

For a while now, the app has been available on iPhone. Thankfully, as of this past Thursday, the app has made its way to the iPad. While the iPad version of the app may not add any extra features, it does come with the same amazing features from the iPhone-based version.

If you are unfamiliar with the Beats app, it offers a slight difference from what you may be familiar with. Let’s just say that this isn’t just another “Pandora” app. The Beats app comes with a play option called “The Sentence”. What is this exactly? Why, it’s exactly what you’ll be using on the plane should you decide to take an iPad with you on your trip. “The Sentence” breaks down what you may want to listen to, into a very specific category. Essentially the sentence starts as “I’m (blank) & feel like (blank) with (blank) to (blank).” Those open spaces leave the rest up to your imagination. You’re sentence could read, “I’m on a plane & feel like relaxing by myself to acoustic music”. The Beats app then sorts through its musical data banks to supply you with exactly what you’re looking for.

The app recently has become the most downloaded music streaming app, according to Billboard. The app is subscription based, much like many of the other music streaming apps that you know and love. Pandora and Spotify offer some type of free streaming service, but as you’d imagine, it is a bit limited. Beats does offer a few different free trial periods for its services, all depending on the mobile plan you may have with AT&T, whom they’ve partnered up with to allow their extended free trials. Other users will be able to access a 7 day free trial period with a $10 monthly subscription fee once the trial period ends.

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The fact that this app has come to the iPad now just shows how many apps are continuing to follow suit with cross platform accessibility. You have to think how many people own iPads that may be looking for new music to listen to. Yes there is YouTube. Yes there is Pandora. Yes there is Spotify. Beats, on the other hand goes perfectly with the headphones from which their name is derived from. “The iPad is the gateway to streaming music inside the home”, is what the company quoted recently. Since Apple is the largest consumer tech company out there right now, it’s safe to say that their products are a bit more household than other companies.

So for your next business trip, take your iPad, or rent one. Get your work done while listening to whatever your heart may be desiring at that moment with Beats!


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