Simply Holding High-Tech Devices Can Further Your Career

ceo (1)A recent study published in The Journal of Product Innovation Management suggests that using the latest high-tech devices can actually improve your image in the work place.

This is good to know if you are looking to be perceived as a leader and climb the ranks, or if you are just looking to gain some respect from your peers. Tech savvy individuals have always been looked at as authority figures subconsciously by others, and being familiar with new tech products has been proven to be linked to innovative behavior.

During this study, there were a few actors categorized by their appearance and then taped by the researchers as they wrote notes using an old fashioned calendar, and then writing notes using a newer electronic calendar. After that, test subjects were asked to view the videos. And overwhelming amount of test subjects viewed the actors with the electronic calendars to be more authoritative than those with the regular calendar doing the same exact thing.

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In other experiments, actors were made to read resumes that were almost the same except for their hobbies. The ones that had hobbies signaling that they were more into tech ended up coming out way ahead than those with normal hobbies. It was also found that females benefited from this way more than the guys did. This is odd, because previous studies have found that females who have similar resumes and engage in the same self promoting strategies as men typically suffer in comparison. Apparently, a tech savvy female is what everyone is looking for.

One thing that is pretty funny is the fact that being able to use and operate the devices made almost no difference. As long as the person had a high tech device and looked like they weren’t lost, that is all it took. In these situations, it would appear that image is everything.

This is something that we all already knew to a certain extent. But who would have known that just simply appearing more interested in technology could actually further your career? It is a good thing to always keep in mind.

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