The Death Of Fitness Bands And The Future Of Wearables

Wearable TechIf you have been thinking about buying a fitness tracker lately, then you are probably one of the only people thinking that at the moment. Since all the hype in 2013, it seems like a lot of these fitness band companies aren’t doing so hot anymore. Nike, more specifically, is putting an end to their FuelBand. Lots of other companies are doing the exact same thing, but Nike was the leader in this category, so we can only assume that it is all bad across the board for everyone.

The funny thing is that there are a ton of companies out there that are suffering in the fitness band area, but there are also a lot of companies who have been trying to play catch-up, and haven’t even released their version of the fitness band yet. It is a bad day when you realize that you are about to release a product that no one cares about anymore.

Fitness bands hit the scene hard, and they were a huge trend for a little bit. But honestly, a trend is all that it was. I will personally never understand why these type of tech trends take off in the first place, because let’s face it: we all have smartphones that are way better at tracking our fitness than a horrible looking wrist band that annoyingly beeps at us when we aren’t running enough. And people are starting to catch on to this. Especially with the Nike apps that are free with any iPhone, the need for these gadgets is just about 0%.

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I think that this is a glimpse into the grim future of wearable tech. Of course, some people may disagree, but it seems like history just keeps repeating itself over and over. Wearables are a neat idea, but that is it. In no way is wearing a pair of computer glasses a practical idea for accomplishing anything besides getting beat up. No child has ever told their parents that they want a smartwatch for Christmas. Wearable tech is doomed to be the birthday present that middle aged parents buy for themselves with their bonus or income tax, and then use it for a few days so that they can show off to all of their friends, get bored with it, and then break it a month later when they don’t realize it is under the couch cushion when they sat down.

Forgive me for being harsh, but I just think that companies should be focusing on improving products that are already proven instead of putting all of their efforts into something that isn’t even practical. Instead of letting me check my Facebook with my glasses, or giving me a bracelet that beeps when it thinks I’m fat, I’d like a laptop that can handle creating full productions on Cubase without overheating or glitching. Or maybe, you know, a skateboard that flies.

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