Help Make Your Computer’s Performance Better For Traveling!

It’s finally here. Spring time. That usually means that it’s time for some Spring cleaning as well. The whole “Spring cleaning” thing doesn’t just have to apply to just your house or car. You should also be trying to “Spring cleaning” your computer as well. Think about it. Much like everything else, your computer can get “cluttered and filled with junk” as well as your house, car, etc. The entire goal here is to take care of your things, naturally. Your computer/laptop is your gateway to the internet super highway, files, important documents, and the entirety of the digital world. It’s best to try and clean up your computer/laptop, as the “cleaned up” results can really show quite the improvement in your computer’s performance. Definitely a benefit for those long business trips.

Memory is a big part of what makes your computer tick. It might be, arguably, the biggest factor in affecting your computer’s speed and productivity. By increasing the amount of RAM in your computer, you are granting a lot more space for your computer to breath. I, for example, do most of my work with my Macbook Pro (one that I attained roughly 4 years ago). My laptop came stock with 2 GB of RAM, but a while back, I decided to increase the capacity and push it to 4 GB of RAM instead. The speed difference was incredible. It’s also not a very big deal to swap out your RAM for larger amounts. It’s a pretty easy fix to be honest. There are plenty of videos online that show exactly what you need to do to increase your RAM, and they even recommend the size and brands for you to use.

Memory is a big thing yes, but you can’t forget about your Computer’s Start Up Time. Remember getting that fresh new computer that you’d wanted, booted it up for the first time, and almost instantly, you were staring at your new desktop? That speed tends to be affected by certain programs. The more files you decide to download, the slower your computer’s start up time may become. A lot of people tend to wonder why this is. When you decide to download a file, and click willy-nilly through the installation procedures (don’t worry, I’m guilty of it too), you may allow the program to start automatically every time your computer boots up. This is going to start slowing your computer’s start up speed due to the fact that not only does it now have to perform it’s basic start functions, but also launch a program and make it fully functional in the same time span. You start to use more power than you need too. The best bet is to go through your programs and alter the start up functions by either going through your system preferences or by using CCleaner for Windows users.

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Some of those programs affecting start up time and overall performance may be Unnecessary Files. As time goes on with the use of your new computer, it’s only natural to begin downloading new programs and taking up space on your hardware. A good way to “Spring clean” your computer is by going through, and deleting all of the files and programs that you don’t need or haven’t accessed in a while. As my father used to tell me, “If you haven’t used it/looked at it in over a year, it’s trash!” You’ll be surprised how much all free space and better performance you’ll have just from deleting these files and programs.

Business meetings, and company travels don’t ever get to take a “Spring Break”, so you might as well help your computer out by giving it a good ol’ Spring cleaning. Just one way to make you and your tech travels a bit more productive this year!


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