Android Lets You Access Your Deskop From Anywhere

Google has set out to expand Chrome into more of an entire platform rather than just an internet browser. They took big steps in doing so on Wednesday with the release of the Chrome Remote Desktop support for the Android OS.

There is a special extension for your desktop PC that can be installed on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. After you install that, and then put the app on your Android device, you will be able to access your entire home computer from your Android device. You can also do this on any of your Chrome OS-powered devices like Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.

This feature originally came out for use only on other desktop operating systems, and has been out since 2011. This new breakthrough extends the same technology to our smartphones and tablets. You can still share your computer with anyone else using the extension using the same Chrome Remote Desktop, but the Android connection only goes one way from your phone to your computer. This is much more practical and usable than PC to PC sharing. You can’t access your Android from your PC, but there really shouldn’t be a reason to do that anyway, right?

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It is strongly recommended by Google that you use a six digit PIN code with this connection to protect access to the remote session from anyone that isn’t yourself. Although it is not required, it is definitely the safest thing to do. The remote access uses an SSL encryption that is built into Chrome, and it supports the Advanced Encryption Standard.

Although there are already many apps that do this exact same thing, and Google is pretty late to it’s own party, at least this is an official version of the technology. Support for Remote Desktop on iOS is also going to be coming out later this year, for all of you Apple users out there.

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