Samsung Putting Brand On Stores In The UK For Galaxy S5 Launch

While the Apple iPhone may still dominate the market it still has some stiff competition from other very good smartphones, namely Samsung’s Galaxy S series. I’ve never been a real fan of the iPhone but I absolutely love Samsung’s Galaxy S phones, having used the Galaxy S3 and, currently, the Galaxy S4. However, the time of year has come for Samsung to debut the next iteration in the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S5 is set to hit store shelves this week and, as a result, Samsung has decided to open up some new physical stores in anticipation of the launch. The stores are only opening up in Europe and follow 19 stores already open overseas. The first British shops opened in 7 cities throughout the United Kingdom and sell the full range of Samsung’s smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearable gadgets.

If the Galaxy S series is Samsung’s rival to the iPhone then these stores are the direct competition to Apple’s physical stores. While I may not be a fan of Apple’s products (aside from the iPod) I will say that I do like Apple’s retail stores. Sure you can walk into a Best Buy or another tech store and buy a MacBook or an iPhone but there’s just something different about completely immersing yourself in all things Apple. There’s this feeling of being surrounded by Apple products and Apple professionals that make you feel more comfortable, like you really are getting the entire Apple experience.

Hopefully the same can be said for Samsung’s physical stores. Samsung is, however, taking a slightly different approach to the physical store model than Apple. These stores won’t be so much Samsung stand-alone stores as they will be stores branded with the Samsung name. The company is planning on branding its name on a plethora of stores operated by high street phone sellers as well as retail rival stores Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse.

Phones 4U already has Samsung-branded stores in London and is planning on opening 15 more stores throughout the United Kingdom. Carphone Warehouse is planning on opening 60 stores in Britain, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands. The first stores opening are run by Carphone Warehouse and will be located in Bournemouth, Bradford, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle as well as on Oxford Street in London.

There hasn’t been any information on whether or not Samsung will bring these stores to the United States, though that could be a good idea. Almost all of Apple’s physical stores are located in the United States, though the company just recently opened a store in Brazil. The Galaxy S series of smartphones have strong support in the United States and physical stores, or even branded ones, could be a big success here.

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