The Next Generation iPhone Is An… iPhone Air?

Apple logoFor those of us who have yet to jump on the Samsung Galaxy bandwagon, there may be some very awesome news coming our way regarding the next gen iPhone. Apple tends to pull no punches when attempting to bring the best that they can to the table, in terms of their mobile tech. While, yes, they do make some amazing desktops and laptops, they still do their absolute best to dominate the mobile front as well. The iPhone is Apple’s staple. It’s what has basically kept them afloat, and the sad thing is that no one can deny that fact. It’s not a bad thing by any means, but they are constantly trying to outdo themselves. And almost every time, they do. That’s what they are attempting to do with their next generation iPhone.

The iPhone 6 may not even be called the iPhone 6, but instead we could be looking at the next addition to the Apple “Air” family. Yes! The new iPhone may, in fact, be the first ever iPhone Air.

How could this even be a possibility though? Well based on what we know from past technologies, we can infer that tech will continue to get thinner and smaller because that apparently shows a sense of advancement. Thus we know that our tech will continue to get thinner and thinner to follow suit with its predecessors. Some designers are already taking advantage of the rumored iPhone 6 schematics that were leaked and are making mock ups of what the new phone COULD look like when it’s finally released.

There just so happened to be a Japanese magazine that showed a rumored 4.7-inch and a 5.7-inch version of the new device. Whether or not these version will ever see the light of day is completely up to speculation. From what the images and schematics in the magazine showcased, we might expect to see the new iPhone Air be a mere 7.1 millimeters thick. The current gen iPhone 5S is sitting at 7.6 millimeters thick. Either way you look at it, both phones are incredibly thin. Again, no one is completely sure that the new iPhone will actually be this thin, but it is always fun to dream right? There is the possibility of the bezel-free design as well. The new design also called for curved edges, and should this particular design quality come to fruition, there would be no way that the side volume buttons could exist separately. They would more than likely be molded into one long button.

This particular design of the new iPhone, albeit very speculative, is still something sleek and sexy to think about. It reminds me a lot of the Motorola SLVR during the Moto Razor days. I had one of the SLVRs, and it was easily one of the top three phones I’ve ever owned. If the next gen iPhone 6 or iPhone Air, or whatever Apple decides to call it, takes this route with a much skinnier phone design, it could do nothing but bolster up Apple’s Mobile sales and domination even more. Remember that nothing is set in stone yet, but we have something nice to look at until a design is confirmed. Here’s hoping!


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