Apple Announces Dates For Worldwide Developers Conference 2014

Apple has officially announced the date for its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014. WWDC is the biggest Apple event for Mac and iOS software developers. WWDC 2014 will take place the first week of June.

On Thursday Apple released a statement revealing that Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 will take place from June 2 to June 6 and in the same location that it has been in the past: San Francisco, California in the Moscone West Center.

People looking to go to the conference will be able to get tickets through the WWDC website. Tickets are available now through 10 pm Monday, though they will more than likely be gone way before then. In the past tickets to the event have sold out within the first few hours of being on sale. Last year, for example, the tickets sold out in minutes.

According to Apple, the tickets will be issued through random selection with developers knowing their status by 5 pm on Monday. If selected, developers will have to shell out $1,599 per ticket. Apple also announced that it will have nearly 1,000 of its engineers at the conference to lead hands-on labs and other events designed to guide attendees through all the inner workings of iOS and OS X.

The biggest thing on everyone’s mind is whether or not Apple will release iOS 8 at the conference. People are also curious as to what new features will come with the new operating system. Since this is the internet, there are naturally a lot of rumors floating around. Some of these rumors include Mac apps coming to the iPhone and iTunes Radio being developed as a standalone product. iOS 7.1, which is the most recently significant update, added CarPlay for integrating the iPhone into car dashboards. Siri and Touch ID were also updated.

The release of OS X Mavericks back in the fall managed to integrate some iOS features into the Mac operating system. However, if you are hoping for Apple to merge iOS and OS X together into one operating system, prepare to be disappointed. Executives at Apple have clearly stated that they consider such an effort a “waste of energy”.

If you are thinking about attending WWDC 2014 then you had better get tickets as soon as possible. This year’s show could be very interesting and entertaining, especially if Apple unveils iOS 8… if you are a developer for either iOS or OS X and you have the nearly $1,600 for a ticket.

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