The Most Flexible Thunderbolt Portable Drive

Western Digital has announced their first bus-powered portable Thunderbolt drive with up to 4TB of storage space, the My Passport Pro.

There has to be a pretty awesome internal set up to be able to pull this off, considering the current largest 2.4 inch internal drive is 2TB. There are two internal drives inside of the casing that are combined into one volume in either RAID 0 or RAID 1. The difference between the two different options is that with RAID 0 you get the most storage space, the full 4TB. But with this option, your data is slightly less safe and more prone to data loss. RAID 1 offers protection against single drive failure, but in doing so, you lose half of the available space.

Having the two different option to choose from is fantastic. This makes the My Passport one of the most flexible drives on the market, and especially more flexible than its main competitor, the Backup Plus Fast. The Backup Plus Fast only works in RAID 0.

Right now, the My Passport Pro is a Mac specific storage device, as it has no USB support. Seems pretty stupid right? A real “LOL” moment. But anyway, even though it has two hard drives inside of it, it is bus powered. This means you only need one cord for data and power. It comes with only one Thunderbolt port. It’s competitor, the Backup Plus Fast, offers USB support and will work with PCs or Mac computers.

The My Passport Pro is the most affordable bus powered drive with the most amount of storage right now. Generally you would pay over 300 dollars for 2TB and up to 450 dollars for 4TB. Per gigabyte, the My Passport Pro is by far the best bang for your buck when it comes to Thunderbolt storage devices.

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