How To View Your iPhone Screen On Your MacBook

Apple has made sure to incorporate many different ways to display the images from your device on larger screens. You can use VGA, HDMI or even a DVI adapter. Another convenient way to do it is with Apple’s Wi-Fi-based AirPlay mirroring technology. AirPlay lets you stream your iPhone or iPad’s screen to other supported devices with bigger screens. You can use it with a TV, a projector, or anything else you might want to view your screen on.

If you happen to have or be around a device that allows you to take advantage of AirPlay mirroring, you may find out pretty quickly that Macs do not have this feature at all. With their mobile operating system, iOS, they have included AirPlay mirroring in OS X to stream to stream to supported devices, but there isn’t a way to stream from one system to another. Apple has included screen sharing between Macs, and other little things with screen shots from your phone have the ability to be shared on your Mac… But there is no way to directly view your iPhone or iPad’s output on your Mac computer. You would think this would be common sense, but it’s never that easy with Apple.

If this is bothering you or you think that it would make your life a million times easier, then you are in luck. There are a few different third-party applications that use the AirPlay server and support device mirroring. Like I said, there are a bunch of them out there, but one of the most popular ones is called AirServer.

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Most of the available apps cost about 10 bucks or less, and you can always try it out first with a free trial. The free trials normally have full functionality for the amount of time they give you, so you can get a feel for which one you like the best before spending any money. If you are into making tutorial videos for YouTube, most of them have a recording function as well, which is a neat addition.

They are easy to set up and use: Just install and launch the app, and then connect your iOS device via AirPlay in the Control Center. Enjoy!

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