4 Secrets to a Well-Managed Travel Blog

Spending majority of time traveling leaves very little for any other activity. So you may wonder how travel bloggers get to spend weeks to months exploring a destination but still manage to update their blogs on a regular basis. It’s inspiring because they go on adventures and share it to everyone.

There are many reasons on why you’d want to start a travel blog, but one of the possible factors that hold you back is thinking you don’t have enough time to maintain one. But there’s actually a secret to it. Once you learn the formula and tricks of trade, balancing traveling and blogging can be a piece of cake.

Here are some of the secrets to owning a well-maintained travel blog:

Follow a format.

Freestyle blogging is comfortable and easy, but following a format can get the job done quicker. It doesn’t mean just one format, since you can actually create multiple formats for your blog posts. For example, when introducing a new place you start with your impression, the sights to see, then move on to directions. In fact, it’s even advisable to use the same headings in every post. It showcases uniformity and coherence. You can also have other formats when reviewing dining and local delicacies. Starting a blog post is difficult, but when you have a format, it’s easier to write the first sentence.

Schedule your posts.

Balancing work and travel is already tiring. It’s never easy to know when you’ll be able to blog next. However, most blogging platforms let you schedule your posts. If you’re only doing it for leisure, there’s really no need to blog daily. Instead, pick the days that you need to publish a post and write them beforehand. If you have enough time, write a couple of posts in a day and schedule them for other days. It’s better to have a regular posting schedule instead of blogging two consecutive days then no blog activities for the rest of the week.

Take a lot of photos.

If writing isn’t your forte, fret not because blogging isn’t just about writing. Besides, you’ll get used to writing along the way. One of the main features of a travel blog are photos, and sometimes, you can even make blog posts of just photos with minimal caption. To keep the activity of your blog alive, you can simply post past photos of your travel and partner it with a thoughtful caption. How about doing a Photo Monday or Pic Spam Friday? It’s a great way to keep the blog alive without spending too much time on writing.

Create lists.

Another trick to beat writer’s block is to create lists. For a travel blog, articles in a list format garner the most traffic. It sums up different points in one encompassing theme. If there’s a chance that you spend a month or weeks away from the road, you can still update your blog by writing lists about your previous travels. For example, write a list of countries with the best street food or the easiest country to navigate even without learning their native language. Lists aren’t just easy read, they’re also quite easy to write.

Travel blogging can be pretty tiring, but most importantly, it can also be rewarding. Keeping track of your travels and at the same time sharing it to the world are good ways to make the best out of traveling.

Author’s Bio: Dorothy Hunter is a professional dreamer and writer. She’s a contradiction since she loves spending her free time writing and reading at home, but craves to travel all the time. You can reach her on Twitter or by visiting Bestessay.com.

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