Nova Launcher Is A Great Way To Customize Your Android Device

If you use a smartphone or other mobile device like a tablet, then you already know that whether you get it on Android or iOS, your interface is going to be predetermined. Each mobile device maker presets how they want the background and icons on your device to look and feel as a way of identifying themselves among everyone else. However, there are an abundance of apps out there that allow you to take this power into your own hands and experiment to see what truly suits you best.

There are a lot of popular launcher customization apps that are around today, especially for Android. Some of the more popular ones for Android include ADW.Launcher, Smart Launcher 2, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher and GO Launcher, each with its own unique ways to customize. While these apps certainly allow you to change your icons, a custom launcher also allows you to tweak almost every single aspect of your user interface. You can adjust things like screen and menu transitions, increase the number of rows and columns on the screen or change the color indicators for calls and texts.

I personally like to customize the layout of my smartphone. I know a lot of people that simply keep their phones as they are out of the box, maybe adding one or two apps at most to their home screens. I use the Samsung Galaxy S4 so having such a large and bright screen allows me to put up a lot of cool wallpapers. Wallpapers, for me, are a way to truly make my phone unique and if I’m going to spend time on picking one out, I want people to see it. ¬†As a result, I customize my icons to be sparse on the home screen and more concentrated on the pages to the sides.

The first step is getting the launcher on your phone, the next is playing with it to see what you truly like and dislike about it. If you want to be a little more complex, you can decide to root your device and flash a custom ROM. This is only recommended for advanced users as it is a little tricky and could mess your device up. However, if successful, the process is a great way to rid your device of all pre-installed apps and services that many people refer to as “bloatware”.

Sure, smartphones and other devices offer you some ways to customize your devices but the only true way to make it unique is by using a launcher, so if you want to have some fun, give one of these launchers a try and see how they work for you!

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