Amazon’s New Cloud Engine For Apps

Cloud  And An Engine - Get ItAmazon Web Services powers millions of websites globally, and is currently the biggest cloud computing platform that there is. Now that they have taken over the cloud, Amazon wants to take it a step further with what they can do with it. The brand new AppStream is allowing users to stream different types of applications directly from the cloud.

Whatever software or application that the we would generally use would be limited by the hardware in our computer, smartphone, tablet, or whatever else we are using. AppStream basically gives us the ability to use apps on devices that wouldn’t normally have the resources to do so, or just so that we don’t have to use extra storage space. Applications are launched on the Amazon cloud and all of the computing happens there, and then the final output is streamed to the user’s device.

This new cloud/app technology has plenty of benefits that you may not have even thought of. AppStream will ensure that all of the apps run super smooth, they will get updated instantly, and you will be able to access them whenever you want without downloading them or installing them. Another good thing is that it is available on many different platforms like FireOS, Android, iOS, Max OS X, and Microsoft Windows. Pretty much everyone is covered. There is also a developer kit provided for any developers out there.

Originally, AppStream was launched as a preview in November of last year. New updates and this new announcement from Amazon means that AppStream is ready for full blown use. AppStream is going to be available in the northern Virginia area at first, but the rest of the US should be included quite soon, so make sure to keep yourself updated! This is going to be a big deal.

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